So do you remember the film Searching For Sugarman, the story about finding Rodriguez?

A few determined fans from South Africa go on a mission to make contact with the artist many believed had committed suicide after releasing his iconic debut album “Cold Fact” Unbeknown to Rodriquez, his albums had become hugely successful in South Africa and sales of his records had outnumbered those of Elvis Presley’s, anyway, these fans made a documentary about finding him and he ends up having an unexpected revival of his music career because of it. If you haven’t seen the film, check it out, it’s called Searching For Sugarman. It’s probably going to make you cry.

Stephen “Sugar” Segerman (one of the guys that found Rodriguez) owns a famous record store in Cape Town called Mabu Vinyl. We called him up and said we’d love to shoot a few stripped down songs in the store, Stephen kindly obliged by giving us more than we bargained for and offered to let us shoot the videos in his basement, let’s just say there was more limited edition vinyl down there to make any collector drool for years!

So there we were, playing a few songs in the Mabu Vinyl Basement. What a cool experience to play in amongst all that old vinyl, it even smelled great!

Thanks Sugar for letting us come and hang out and special thanks to Patrick Craig from Studio 7 for making it all happen.  We hope you enjoy the song, it’s got a James Bond thing going on. Anyway, please drop us an email, leave a comment on the video, we’d really love to hear from you.

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All our love.

Darren and Roochi